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Артисты: JLS feat. Chipmunk

Название музыкального произведения: Only Tonight

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Дата добавления: 2015-02-14

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Why do you have to leave
Please stay

Forgive me if I think
That you’re making a bad decision
Forgive me if I try
Please don’t go away
Don’t blame me if I want
The two of us to stay together
So let me tell you why

If only tonight
If this is all I got
If I can’t have your love
I won’t get back up this time
If only tonight
I’ll race you to the sun
Before the morning comes
If I can’t change your mind
It’s only tonight

And tomorrow you’re gone
And we’re just a song
I’m singing alone

Don’t tell me all this time
That you weren’t mine
And I meant nothing
Why would you end this dream
Don’t wanna wake up just yet
Don’t ask me just to forget
Don’t rip the heart out of me


See as it’s only tonight so it’s gotta be the one,
Tomorrow isn’t promised so it might not ever come,
And I’m here I haven’t left, so say what’s got you stressed,
Treat it like a bra, and get it off your chest,
And my love for you is so deep,
So why hold a grudge when you could hold me,
But if you’re thinking the worse then show me,
Ca I ain’t even tryna be famous and lonely!


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