jorn lande 2014. End of time

jorn lande 2014 в этом месте и безотлагательно. Абсолютно задорма! Эксклюзив!

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Название музыкального произведения: End of time

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Дата добавления: 2015-05-04

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I have a dream to start over again
In silence bleeding - is the heartbroken man
Turning the pages I'm longing for grace
I'm fading picture of a human in rage

Out in the day I am finding my way
People are dreaming, they've got so much to say
Darker and cold in the core of my soul
I'm fire bleeding burning out of control

Tell me who we are
Coming from the far
See the distant star
In a flying car
It's a future world
Go and get your good(?)
Reach for the sky to the end of time

Sun's going black, It's the eclipse of my heart
My wounds are open from the life torn apart
Keep up the pace in this digital race
This time machine has got me trapped in the haze

And the wind must blow
As the rivers flow
Will we ever know
If the truth will show
In another world
Just a boy and girl
Holding on to the end of the line

I hear footsteps in the hall, my friend
But noone's there
I look again
Feeling ice-cold as I walk the stairs
Oh, suddenly she's there
I see her floating through the air

We are faint to begin again
In silence dreaming every woman and man

Tell me what she did
Tell me who she was
Show me how she loved
Here before
Did she run around
With the boys in town
Living fast at the end of the line
Of time

I'm like a chest(?)
I'm like the speed
Coming faster
I'm holding on to the end of time
Of time

Jorn - End Of Time
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